About Stefania Ceccarelli

My lifelong fascination for psychology and the interpretation of symbols and myths, along with my own personal analytical experience has led me to develop a deep interest in healing modalities and to practice a wide variety of short-term therapies including EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), kinesiology, hypnosis, eye movement and magnetism.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

« The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system ».

I use this technique to treat various physical and emotional ailments such as trauma, phobia, anxiety, grief, guilt and anger, as well as acute or chronic pain. By balancing the meridians, the body is realigned and negative emotions dissipate.


Modern hypnosis is an efficient way to treat modern-day ailments such as anxiety, stress, grief, pain, bad eating habits and addiction.

I use this gentle healing therapy to allow you to go to the heart of a problem regardless of its origin. You will be released from old wounds as well as from new ones whether they be physical or emotional.

Energy Balancing

The benefits of an energy harmonising session are vast and this technique is of particular benefit for situations where stress is a dominating factor.

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